These parish leadership committees are ways through which Catholic lay people can provide their services to assist our Pastor in leading the parish.
Finance Pastoral PCCW Social

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consults with and helps advise the Pastor on financial matters, including the administration and use of the parish property and assets, and the administration of parish operations. They help approve the general parish budget (including capital expense budgets) as well as review annual reports. Our Annual Parish Festival fundraiser, which is held on the first Sunday in August, is monitored, recorded, and approved by the finance committee. Qualifications include being actively involved in the life of the parish community with some financial or legal background. All pastors in the Catholic Church are required by Canon Law to appoint a finance council. The finance committee meets every quarter. Current members of the finance committee are: Roger Dore, Anita Kittel, Nancy Haggart, Joe Roberson, and Mark McKeown.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council, through prayer and consensus strives to identify the needs of the faith community. Decisions by the parish council are then made as a recommendation to the Pastor to assist him in reaching a final decision for the benefit of all. Membership on the Pastoral Council is voluntary. Qualifications include being actively involved in the life of the parish community. The pastoral council meets every quarter. Current members of the pastoral council are: Roger Dore, Theresa Sowa, Mark McKeown, Cheri Miller, Margot Slater, Joe Roberson, Bonnie Slater, and Jerry Stratton.


PCCW – Parish Council of Catholic Women of St. Michael’s Church
Our PCCW acts through its membership to support and educate our Catholic women in spirituality and service. It is the intent that any monies received from our different projects generating income such as: raffles, bake sales, rummage sales and donations, etc. will be used for the needs of the Church and supporting our Parish seminarians, paying Deanery, Diocesan and National dues and supporting Right To Life, etc. with donations and provide funeral luncheons and community service when needed. The PCCW meets the second Tuesday of the month at 10:00am after Mass & Fellowship. Women of all ages are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for creating a welcoming place for parishioners and visitors, a time and place to interact and enjoy each other’s company getting to know each and every member of our faith community. The Social Committee provides fellowship following the Sunday Mass once per month. It is a casual time to greet one another and enjoy coffee and assorted refreshments.